Real-time aduio mixing, recording, resampling and playback

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Audio sampler demo

A more advanced audio mixing example, Sampler includes the following features: real-time recording and playback, mixing, resampling, .WAV files reading and writing. It is possible to select any of the supported PCM formats for playback and recording. When playback device is active, you can add several wave channels to be mixed together. The source of audio could be any .WAV file stored on your disks.

Every source wave can be resampled at different frequency, which leads to change in tempo it is played back by device. You can also change the volume and pan the wave between channels.

In the bin\free\samples\ folder of VC demos installation you can find several .WAV files, which can be used as source wave streams for this demo.


Precompiled binary of this sample is included in the Demos package.