Console audio format converters

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Console format converters

wav2mp3 shot, click for full sized image.

Wav2mp3, Wav2ogg and Ogg2wav samples use one of the external encoder/decoder to convert WAV into MP3 or Ogg files and Ogg files back to WAV. Currently supported are Blade and Lame MP3 encoders and Ogg/Vorbis encoder and decoder.

You need the encoder library files (one or more DLLs) for this samples to work properly. Original WAV file does not have to have required sampling rate, bits or channels number. It even does not have to be in PCM format. All necessary conversions will be done by RIFF reader and PCM resampler used in our samples.

The Mp3Demo demo uses same classes to create or read MP3 or Ogg/Vorbis files and streams.


Precompiled binary of this sample is included in the Demos package.