Building advanced audio streaming application

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Net Talk Client/Server sample

Real time audio streaming requires some advanced techniques to be used, such as audio compression, real time streaming protocol and others. Net Talk sample combines all of this features and demonstrates the power of VC components.

Both server and client can use any installed ACM codec to compress the stream. Both can mix real time recording with .WAV file stored on your disk. You can disconnect and connect the client at any time, without restarting the server. If you restart the server, client must be reconnected.

As with Talk Now demo, there are server and client parts in the same application, and only one part should be active at a time on one machine.

Both UDP (datagram) and TCP (streaming) sockets can be used for connection. Server and client can use different ACM audio codecs, but make sure the codec selected on one side is installed on remote one.


Precompiled binary of this sample is included in the Demos package.