A complete audio streaming application

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Advanced audio streaming application

Talk Now

Talk Now is a more advanced audio streaming application. It includes server and client parts. You start server part on one machine and client on another. Streaming is done in both directions using one connection. Specify port number and socket type for server. Client must specify the IP address (or DNS name) of server machine and streaming port number, as well as socket type (TCP or UDP). It is also possible select any installed codec to be used for audio compressing with this demo.

For long-latency networks, such as satellite connection, it is recommended to use UDP sockets. This demo can also large pre-buffers to avoid audio loss in such networks. This options can be turned on and off in Options menu.

In addition, vaTalkNow Server can handle more than one Client connections. Maximum number of clients may be specified in Options menu. Source of audio distributed among Clients is the live recording done on server side. In this mode server is similar to One-to-many streaming sample.

Another advanced audio streaming application is a Net Talk sample.


Precompiled binary of this sample is included in the Demos package.