Use of DSP filters for silence detection during voice recording

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Silence detection feature is important to save the network traffic when recording and sending a human voice. This feature is especially important in conference-like system, where many participants communicate in one room at the same time.

Voice recording demo

There are two methods of silence detection implemented in VC components. First (old one) uses simple volume threshold. Another one is more complicated method based on DSP filters. Checking the "Enable new Level Detection method" checkbox forces VC components to use new silence detection method.

For old method try changing the vertical slider to adjust minimum volume level you wish to record. For new one there are much more controls to play with, but default values should be OK in most cases.

When playing back notice that silence gaps were not included in final recording.

This demo also shows how to create non-PCM (compressed) .WAV files to save the disk space.


Precompiled binary of this sample is included in the Demos package.