WAV Player with tempo and volume control

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To playback a .WAV file you need to parse the RIFF structure and optionally decompress wave data to PCM format. All valid .WAV files have a small header with description of audio format contained in the file. This header is actually a WAVEFORMATEX or WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE structure.

.WAV files playback with full control

To read and parse RIFF structure of .WAV file we use TunavclWaveRiff component. We set isFormatProvider and realTime properties to True.

TunavclWaveResampler component will be consumer of waveRiff and will be used for real-time volume and tempo adjustments. In this sample resampler always produce 44100 Hz/16 bit/2 channels output.

Finally, the TunavclWaveOutDevice component will playback audio stream provided by the resampler.


Precompiled binary of this sample is included in the Demos package.