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unaADPCM ADPCM encoder and decoder

version 1.0: first version

version 1.1: added x64 support

unaAudioFeedback Simple audio feedback class.
unaBladeEncAPI BladeEnc.DLL and LameEnc.DLL wrapper.
unaClasses Contains base classes, such as lists, threads and events, which are often used by other classes and components.
unaConfRTP unaConfRTP common stuff.
unaConfRTPclient unaConfRTP client class.
unaConfRTPserver unaConfRTP server class.
unaDsp FFT and DTMF implementations.
unaDspControls FFT and DTMF VCL components.
unaDSPDlib General purpose DSP library in native Delphi code.
unaDspDLibPipes DSP Classes pipe wrappers.
unaDSPLibAutomation Universal DSP processor.
unaDspLibDLL DSP DLL wrapper for Delphi
unaDspLibH Interface for general purpose DSP library in native Delphi code.
unaDspWinControls GUI DSP controls
unaEncoderAPI Contains library API and wrapper classes for Blade/Lame MP3 encoders, Vorbis/Ogg libraries, BASS library and OpenH323 plugin model.
unaFFT FFT implementation
unaG711 G711 implementation based on ITU source code

1.0 First release

unaG7221 G.722.1 implementation based on ITU source code

1.0 First release

unaGSM GSM6.10 codec.
unaIcyStreamer ICY Client and Server.

2.5.2009.05 - occasional UDP timeouts bug fixed.

unaIPStreaming Basic IP Streaming classes.
unaLibCELT libcelt Delphi wrapper.
unaMpeg MPEG frame parsers.
unaMpgLibAPI Delphi wrapper for MpgLib.DLL and libmpg123-0.dll
unaMsAcmAPI This unit contains Object Pascal version of MSAcm.h originally done by Armin Sander, Digital SimpleX Most of the functions in this unit are documented in Microsoft Platform SDK.
unaMsAcmClasses Contains Microsoft ACM wrapper and core VC wave device classes.
unaMsMixer Contains class wrappers for MS mixer interface API.
unaMsMixerControls VCL controls for MS Mixer interface
unaOpenH323PluginAPI OpenH323 Plugin API wrapper.
unaParsers * Object Pascal parser * HTTP-like protocols parser

Version 2.5.2009.04 + HTTP-like protocols parser

Version 2.5.2009.04 + SDP parser

unaRE RE [ IEEE Std 1003.1 ] http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/basedefs/xbd_chap09.html

Version 2.5.2011.12 First release

Version 2.5.2012.01 - some fixes of * handling

unaRIFF Simple Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) parser.
unaRTPTunnel P2P RTP Tunnel server class.
unaSockets Contains Windows sockets version 1.1 wrapper classes.
unaSocks_DNS DNS [RFC 1035]

Version 2.5.2011.12 First release

unaSocks_RTP RTP/RTCP implementation.
unaSocks_RTSP * RTSP / RFC 2326

Version 2.5.2009.04 + RTCP Client

Version 2.5.2012.02 + RTCP Server

unaSocks_SHOUT A SHOUTcast protocol implementation
unaSocks_SNTP Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) implementation RFC 1305 (NTP 3.0), RFC 1769 (SNTP), RFC 4330 (SNTP 4.0)
unaSocks_STUN - STUN (RFC 5389)

Version 2.5.2012.01 First release (UDP mostly)

unaSpeexAPI libspeex.dll wrapper.
unaTypes Contains definition of base types used in other units.
unaUtils Contains useful routines used by other units and classes.
unaVCApp VC Application class
unaVCDSComp DirectSound wrapper components.
unaVCDSIntf DS interfaces

Contains components and classes to be used in Delphi/C++Builder IDE.

unaVCIDEutils Utility functions for VC and VCL classes.
unaVCLUtils VCL utility functions and classes
unaVC_pipe Contains basic pipe class - unavclInOutPipe.
unaVC_script Contains scripting component to be used in Delphi/C++Builder IDE.
unaVC_socks Contains socket pipes to be used in Delphi/C++Builder IDE.
unaVC_wave Contains audio wave pipes to be used in Delphi/C++Builder IDE.
unaWave Set of routines to work with PCM wave data.
unaWinClasses Contains standard Windows GUI classes wrappers.
unaWSASockets WSA sockets wrapper classes

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